In-Home infusion therapy

Order infusion therapy to your home, office or hotel in Prague and the surrounding area.

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Droplab - infuzní terapie v pohodlí domova

Benefits of infusion therapy

During infusion therapy, active substances and hydration enter directly into the bloodstream. This route bypasses the transport limitations of the digestive system and the vast majority of vitamins and nutrients are directly absorbed by the organism. Therefore, the effect of infusion vitamin therapy is many times higher than the intake of vitamins through dietary supplements. Infusion therapy is clearly the most effective way to quickly deliver vitamins and nutrients to your body.


Wellness infusion therapy

Treat your body to a whole new level of wellness. We will take care of you in the comfort of your home. Infusion therapy for replenishment of vitamins, hydration, strengthening of the immune system and rapid replenishment of energy.

Hangover infusion therapy

We will get rid of your hangover – quickly and efficiently. Nausea? Headache? You don’t have to worry anymore, we will come to you.

How it works?

01 Selection

Boost immunity? Add vitamins? Something for the pain? We will be happy to help you choose.

02 Reservation

Call us to book an appointment. We will find a time that suits you best.

03 Recommendation

Therapy is preceded by a medical consultation. Then the individual composition of the infusion will be prepared.

04 Relax

Enjoy the rapid onset of positive effects of infusion therapy in the comfort of your home.